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Bei Google CheckOut gibt es erste Updates die vorallem die Verkäufer betreffen. Aber ehrlich gesagt bin ich dem englischen nicht so mächtig dass ich den Text verstehe, ich habe ihn jetzt bestimmt 5x gelesen und nicht einen der 4 Punkte insoweit verstanden dass ich euch die Änderungen erklären könnte, nichtmal hilft…

Daher gibt es den Text hier einfach im Zitat, und falls es jemand von euch versteht kann er es ja in den Comments erklären.

Auto-charge – Beginning today, merchants can enable a feature to automatically charge orders that have successfully authorized for funds, and have cleared the Google Checkout fraud detection process. This setting is available in the „Settings“ tab under „Preferences.“

Reconciliation report changes – The Reconciliation Reports will now show the AdWords Fee Credit as a separate line item, where previously AdWords Fee Credits were displayed on the same line item as the order. (This is shown in the „Fee Adjustment“ column.) We’ve made this change to reflect the fact that the AdWords Fee Credit is typically applied at a different time than when the order was charged.

Merchant order numbers – Previously, merchant order numbers associated with Google Checkout orders via the command were only displayed in the Reconciliation Report. Now, if a merchant order number has been assigned to an order, it will also be displayed in the lower right corner of an invoice. Please note that your merchant order number is only available to you via the Merchant Center interface and is not displayed to buyers.

Sandbox changes – As part of our effort to improve the Google Checkout integration experience for developers, we’ve changed the visual appearance of the Google Checkout Sandbox. Now, when you log into the Sandbox user interface, the background will contain a watermark to differentiate it from the production Google Checkout system. We hope this will help reduce confusion about which system you’re using when you’re developing against the Google Checkout API.

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