Google Chrome Dev-Update KW15 – Bugfixes


Nur der Vollständigkeit halber: Google Chrome ist im Dev-Channel erschienen. Neue Features gibt es in dieser Version nicht. Lediglich Fehler werden ausgebessert.

Fixed a plugin crash related to FoxIt reader. (Issue: 9539)
V8 proxy resolver support is now enabled by default, and is no longer behind a flag. (Issues: 2764, 74)
Added a localizable font family and font size for rendered web content. This allows Chrome to display larger characters for certain international font families (e.g. Malayalam and Bengali). (Issue: 7319)
Fixed a crash which occured when canceling a save page operation. (Issue: 9738)
Cannot drag bookmarks on then New Tab page (Issue 9674).

Bekannte Fehler:
Mouse wheel scrolling does not scroll windows that aren’t focused (9647).
Google Calendar widget not updating properly (Issue 8935)

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