Google Earth Foto Update April 2009


An Ostern hat Google neue Satellitenbildern in Google Earth eingespielt. Beim Update wurde Österreich hochauflösender und Indien schaut nun nicht mehr wie ein Mosaik aus. Stattdessen wird Indien so angezeigt, wie es aus dem Weltall komplett ausschauen würden.

Google hat wieder ein Quiz gestartet.
Hier die Liste der Updates laut

United States – New broad coverage of high resolution for states which still had low resolution imagery: Arizona, Mississippi, Kentucky, Virginia, Oklahoma, Kansas, Iowa, Illinois, Tennessee, Maine, New York, and western Pennsylvania. (Thanks to Andreas for these) Also, New York City, NY.
-India – India has been re-colorized (like Australia had done in December). The imagery looks a lot less like patchwork when viewed from above.
-France – New area in central France near Chateauroux.
-Spain – San Sebastian and other areas along the north coast. Thanks Jan W.
-Sweden – About 1/3rd of the country now has high res and blended with new colors. Thanks Brian, Dunkleosteus.
-Morocco – Looks like lots of Morocco has medium res Spot Image imagery.
-Brazil – São Paulo. Thanks joaorcunha, Bill S.
-Scotland – A few strips of new high res. Thanks Chris.
-Antarctica – Many places have new high res. Thanks Xavier.
-South Korea – Entire country high res. Thanks Thilo.
-Austria – Several parts in central and eastern part of the country have new high res. Thanks Thilo.

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