Google Friends Newsletter Juli 2007

Spät, aber doch – Der Google Friends Newsletter: Diesmal geht es um die Google Maps Mapplets, das CheckOut-Gadget, die Gruppenchat-Funktion des Talk-Gadgets, Google Apps for nonprofites, die neuen Docs & Spreadsheets-Funktionen und um die neuen Blogs Public Policy, GMail und LatLong.

Google Friends Newsletter – July 2007

Summer greetings to our Google friends! We hope you enjoy this month’s
update on our various products and services.


Customize Google Maps with Mapplets

You can now customize the content on your Google Maps using new
features in the „My Maps“ tab. The „Add content“ link in this tab
brings you to the Google Maps directory where you can choose from and
add content and tools such as gas prices, weather, jogging trails,
events, and more. These mini-applications for Google Maps are all
built on our Mapplets platform.


Google Checkout Gadget for iGoogle

We’ve launched a new „Shop with Google Checkout“ gadget for iGoogle
featuring some fun Top 10 lists of products available through Google
Checkout, such as „Super Hero Must Haves“ and „How You Knew You Grew
Up In the 80’s“. When you add the gadget to your iGoogle homepage,
you’ll see a scrollable showcase of the day’s featured items. And
soon, you’ll be able to create your own lists.

Google Talk Gadget adds Group Chat

There’s something new on the Google Talk Gadget: when you’re chatting
with a friend on Google Talk, you can invite one or more friends to
join the conversation by clicking the „Group Chat“ button from any
chat tab. This was a top user request, and we hope it will make
chatting amongst your circle more useful and fun.

Google Apps for Nonprofits

Recently we extended Google Apps Education Edition to all registered
nonprofits in the U.S. Our hosted suite of communication and
collaboration tools — email migration, 24/7 assistance and
integration APIs, plus web-based email, calendaring and online
document collaboration — fits well with the vital need among
nonprofits for easy-to-use, flexible technologies requiring little or
no investment. After all, schools and organizations should worry less
about technology and focus more on fulfilling their mission.

Google Docs & Spreadsheets updates

Now Google Docs & Spreadsheets is easier for spreadsheet editing and
collaboration. Now you can do things like freeze header rows and sort
your data more quickly with the sort bar, create a draggable,
horizontal break between your column headers and your data, view a
color-coded collaborator indicator to see who else is viewing the
spreadsheet and which cells they are editing. And the Quick Sum
feature gives a sum, average, count, minimum, or maximum of your
currently selected cells in the bottom righthand corner.


It will come as no surprise to you to learn that we at Google are used
to fast-moving communications. We make frequent announcements, we have
a lot of products, and, well, things move quickly around here. This is
one reason we publish quite a few blogs — more than 50. And we want
to reach those of you who follow Google directly — a blog is a very
easy way to do that. Most of our blogs focus on a single product, or
country, or a specific audience. Here are a few of the most recent
additions to our blog family which may interest you. (And might we
suggest adding these to your Google Reader?)

Public Policy Blog – Google views on government, policy, and politics.

Gmail Blog – Tips and tricks on getting the most from Gmail.

Google Lat Long Blog – News & notes from the Google Earth and Google
Maps teams.

You can find the entire list of our blogs on the righthand side of the
original Google Blog.

The Google Blog offers frequent updates and insights about our technology and products, and the company at large.

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