Google Friends Newsletter – August 2006

Der letzte Tag des August bricht an, und so wird es auch langsam Zeit den Google Friends Newsletter für den Monat zu verschicken. Diesmal geht es um die gespeicherten Placemarks bei Google Maps, das Map Search Gadget, Google Desktop 4 out of Beta, Dateiversand per Google Talk, den Mac Uploader und den Google Notifier.

Google Friends Newsletter – August 2006

Late summer greetings to all of our Google Friends. We hope you enjoy
this monthly update on Google services and products.


Saved locations in Google Maps

We’ve gotten numerous requests to be able to store a list of personal
addresses on Google Maps, and now you can with our new Saved Locations
feature. To get started, just click on the „Saved Locations“ link in
the upper right corner of and sign in to your
Google Account. If you’re already signed in, this link will display
your existing list of saved locations. By default, we’ll automatically
save every location you enter into Google Maps, but you can choose to
disable the auto-saving from this screen. From here, you can also add,
modify, or delete locations, or create a label such as „home“ for any
of your saved locations. The next time you start typing a location or
label into any search box on Google Maps, we’ll offer to auto-complete
it for you. When a list of auto-completions is suggested, you can
quickly select the first one by hitting the Tab key.


Map search gadgets for homepage

If your personalized homepage doesn’t yet have a map, how about
adding the new Google Map Search Gadget? This is an easy way do local
searches and then quickly scroll through the results on a map.

Google Desktop 4

No matter where in the world you live, you should be able to find your
own information on your computer. Google Desktop 4 is now out of beta
and available in 26 languages. You’ll find a batch of new and improved
features, including an improved interface to find international Google
Gadgets, a configurable „gadgets“ button, and greater support for
developers. Windows only.

Google Talk file and photo sharing

We’ve released some new Google Talk features this month, including
file and photo sharing. Now you can drag and drop one or more files
directly onto a chat window. As soon as your friend on Google Talk
clicks „Accept,“ the transfer begins, and when it’s done, the
recipient can open the file or find it on disk with a single click. As
for photo sharing, when you drop up to 10 photos on Google Talk,
smaller previews automatically appear right inside the chat window, so
you can chat about them right away. The previews adjust to the size of
your chat window, so just enlarge the window when you want to see more
detail. To view the images at full size, or to save them for later,
click the „Download Originals“ link. If you’ve already downloaded
Talk, these additions will auto-update. Or you can download the new
version directly from the site. Windows only.

Two new downloads for Mac users

Share photos with friends and family using the Picasa Web Albums
Uploaders for Mac. It comes with two handy tools for uploading photos:
a plug-in that lives within iPhoto, and a stand-alone uploader for
sharing the occasional picture.

Get your Google Mail and Calendar notifications on the Mac-only upgrade of
the Google Mail Notifier, now called the Google Notifier. It offers built-in
pop-up notifications for upcoming events and unread mail, custom
sounds, and of course some fun new icons.

And this isn’t a download – but we just released Google Calendar
support for Safari!


+ Supporting women in technology +

For several years, Google has honored the legacy of computer scientist
Dr. Anita Borg with a scholarship program designed to encourage women
to pursue careers in computer science and technology. The awards are
$10,000 scholarships for outstanding female undergraduate and graduate
students completing their degrees in computer science or related
fields. Why are we doing this? Because we believe in what the Anita
Borg Institute calls the „virtuous cycle.“ Through this scholarship
program and other efforts, we hope more women can be encouraged to
embrace engineering and technical professions and learn the skills of
leadership. Then they can use those capabilities to influence how
technology is designed and used, and focus on practical solutions to
global issues – energy, food, illiteracy, environment, elder care,
disease control – that confront us all. As the products and services
resulting from their innovations permeate the global market, new
generations of women will follow, in a profession that is increasingly
more supportive of women.

The Institute is named for a renowned computer scientist who spent her
life inspiring and motivating women to become active participants and
leaders in the technology revolution that can benefit all of us. For
the 2006-2007 academic year, Google received 324 applications from
students at 90 different universities across the country. We awarded
scholarship support to 47 young women, and look forward to their
successes in the coming years.

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