Google Friends Newsletter Juni 2006

Natürlich ist auch im vergangen Monat wieder viel passiert:
Reply by Chat, Google Earth 4, US Government Search, Picasa Web Albums, Google Browser Sync, Google Spreadsheets, Google Video Player für den Mac & Shakespeare bei Google Book Search
All das stellt Google in seinem allmonatlichen Google Friends Newsletter wieder auf einen Blick zusammen.

Google Friends Newsletter
June 2006

Summertime greetings to Google Friends everywhere, and welcome to the
June issue. We hope this monthly update on Google services and products
is useful to you.



Reply by Chat
Since February, you’ve been able to „chat“ using your Google Mail
account. And now, if you want to reply to an email message, but notice
the sender is online and available, you can just „reply by chat.“ Best
of all, these chat replies get grouped with the conversation just like
email (after all, one of the best things about Google Mail is how it groups a
message and its replies into the same conversation so that you can
always read your messages in context). To use this new feature, look
for a link to „Reply by chat“ at the bottom of any message sent by
someone on your buddy list, right next to where you’d click to „Reply“
or „Forward.“ The link will show up if the sender is online, and
clicking on it will open a chat window where you can start chatting
right away.



Google Earth 4
Celebrate the one-year anniversary of Google Earth becoming part of our
family with the newest version, Google Earth 4. It’s available for
PC, Mac and Linux machines, is now offered in French, German, Italian
and Spanish, as well as an enterprise edition. And there’s a lot more
high-resolution imagery in this version too. You can even try the new
SketchUp and 3D Warehouse modeling tools yourself.

Google Calendar
If you have a work life, a home life, and a social life, you know the
challenge of tracking all of it – and then there’s coordinating
with friends and family members too. The new Google Calendar can help.
You can create a calendar, share it with anyone you invite, and send
event invitations right from your calendar. It’s also integrated with
Google Mail so you can directly add events that are mentioned in your email
messages. Perhaps most important, Google Calendar supports other
popular calendar applications so you can easily import and export your
scheduled info.

Government Search
Just launched, Google U.S. Government Search offers a single location
for finding U.S. government information, as well as state and local
government websites. You can also use this site to keep up to date on
government-related news from official government sources and the press.
And finally, personalize the page by adding content feeds on
government or other topics that you’re interested in.

Picasa Web Album
Picasa is Google’s free desktop photo management software for
organizing and editing your digital pictures. Now we’re testing a new
feature that makes it easy to share your photos online too. Just pick
the photos you want to share from Picasa and upload them to the web in
a couple of clicks. Once they’re online, your friends can simply go
to your gallery’s URL to see your pictures. Picasa Web Albums and the
new version of Picasa that supports web uploading are currently in
limited tests and are available by invitation only. For more
information, and to add your name to our waiting list, please visit:

Google Browser Sync
If you have more than one computer and find it hard to keep your
browser settings for all your computers in sync, you’ll enjoy our new
extension for Firefox. It unifies your bookmarks, history, saved
passwords, and persistent cookies across all the computers on which you
install it. Google Browser Sync also remembers which tabs and windows
you had open when you last closed any of your browsers and gives you a
chance to reopen them. We think you’ll enjoy how it handles synching
conflicts too, so that you can bring your browser with you everywhere.

Google Spreadsheets
At Google we’re avid about sharing information easily and in real
time. That’s what led us to develop web-based spreadsheet software so
that you can share, collaborate and update them among a number of
people online. Now there’s Google Spreadsheets, available on Google

Google Video Player for Macs
Mac fanatics can now enjoy their own Google Video Player, which works
with both PowerPC and the new Intel-based Mac lines. You too can
download or buy premium shows like „CSI“ or even classic „Star
Trek“ at your leisure.



The book’s the thing
In this all too frantic media-saturated world of ours, sometimes it’s
good to ponder the eternal truths. Many words about timeless matters
belong to the one and only William Shakespeare. We celebrate his
considerable body of work with a special Google Book Search site that
includes all of his plays – comedy, tragedy, romance, history. From
here you can also download Google Earth to visit the Bard of Avon’s
own Globe Theatre and other landmarks from his works and times. We are
proud to support New York City’s annual Shakespeare in the Park
festival, and wanted to extend its reach across the Internet. Take time
to savor the language you see on the screen!

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