Google Friends Newsletter März 2006

Auch im März verschickt Google wieder seinen Google Friends Newsletter.
Wie immer: Nix neues, nur eine Zusammenfassung des letztes Monats – und für alle die ihn nicht abonniert haben, verewige ich ihn hier wieder.

Google Friends Newsletter
March 2006

Vernal greetings from the Googleplex to all of our Google Friends. We
hope you enjoy this update on various services and new products. At the
bottom of this message, you’ll find details on subscribing to or
canceling this newsletter.


Google Desktop Quick Search Box
The newest version of Google Desktop adds another handy feature: the
Quick Search Box. Hit your „Ctrl“ key twice to bring it up on your
computer screen, and start your search for web or local computer
information even faster than before. When you’re done, press
„Ctrl“ twice again to hide it. If you don’t want to use the Quick
Search Box at all, disable it on the Google Desktop preferences page.
The Quick Search Box is also available in 16 languages.


Google Finance
Here’s a way to get quick and easy access to business and financial
information about public and private companies and mutual funds. Google
Finance includes interactive charts (with corresponding news stories);
company search by name or ticker symbol; stories grouped by topic from
Google News; timely blog posts delivered from Google Blog Search;
on-topic discussion groups; and portfolios that are easy to use when
tracking your financial information.

Google News for mobile
When you’re on the go with your web-enabled phone, keep current on
the news stories that matter to you. Google News for mobile devices
enables you to access top headlines, browse through news categories, or
search for exactly the stories you want – all in a phone-friendly
format that’s easy to read and navigate.

Google SMS Sports Scores
Sports scores are among those „gotta have“ bits of information
mobile phones were surely made to deliver. Now U.S. mobile users can
get up-to-the-minute scores and game schedules using Google SMS on your
mobile device. Just text message a school or team name to 46645 (GOOGL)
and get ready to cheer (or groan).

Google Widgets for your Mac
Party on, Mac-heads: there are three new Mac Dashboard Widgets for OS X
Tiger. The Blogger Widget enables quick and easy posting to your blog;
the Google Mail Widget enables a quick check of your Google Mail inbox; use the
Search History Widget to find that website you saw last week while
searching Google.

Google Mars
We admit a fascination with outer space, and now most definitely
include the Red Planet. Two NASA researchers from Arizona State
University worked with us to combine Google Maps technology with some
of the most detailed scientific maps of Mars ever made. Now you can
explore Mars three ways: an elevation map (shows color-coded peaks and
valleys); a visible-imagery map (shows what your eyes would actually
see), and an infrared-imagery map (shows the detail your eyes would

National Archives films on Google Video
Over 70 years ago, the National Archives was founded to preserve
American historical documents, as well as the moments and events that
could be saved in still photos, films, and audio recordings. Today the
Archives is home to everything from rare historical footage (newsreels
and government documentaries from the 1930s) to the 1969 moon landing.
Now Google is launching a pilot program to digitize its video content
and offer it to everyone in the world for free, and you can watch a
growing selection on Google Video.


The ‚plex talks

Folks who visit the Googleplex in Mountain View, California often
compare it to a college campus – there are people engaged in group
meetings, in solitary work, and when they can, they make time to eat,
play or exercise. One of the most campus-like elements is a thriving
program called „Tech Talks“ – regularly scheduled presentations
offered by Googlers or our guests on a wide variety of subjects. Any
Googler can attend a talk on, say, „Collecting Meteorites in
Antarctica“ or „High End Computing and Scientific Visualization at
NASA.“ Now you can also watch these talks, just by searching Google
Video for [techtalks]. We obtain clearance from all speakers so Tech
Talks can be posted publicly, and will continue to add them to Google
Video. We hope you enjoy these sometimes obscure, always informative,
insights into current events, research and ideas as much as we do.

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