Google Friends Newsletter Februar 2006

Auch im Februar gab es natürlich wieder einen Google Friends Newsletter, meiner kam gestern abend. Es gibt – natürlich – keine Neuigkeiten, nur wieder eine kleine Zusammenfassung der letzten Wochen, aber ich will ihn euch trotzdem nicht vorenthalten.

Google Friends Newsletter
February 2006

February salutations to Google Friends everywhere. We hope you enjoy
this update on Google services and new products. At the bottom of this
message, you’ll find details on subscribing to or canceling this

Winter Games Enhanced
We’ve updated Google Earth and Google Local with high resolution
imagery of the area surrounding Torino, Italy, home of the 2006 Winter
Games. With Google Earth installed, click on the KMZ file for Olympic
Venues, which will load placemarks for all the major sites at the
Games. To really appreciate the scenery, be sure to enable the Terrain
layer and take advantage of the tilt view control in Google Earth:
We’ve also generated street maps for Torino, which are available in the
Google Maps API for those of you interested in creating Winter Games
mashups. (search on ‚Turin‘ or ‚Torino‘)

This Google Blog post features even more Games-related news:


Google Toolbar (beta)
The latest Google Toolbar for Internet Explorer adds several features
to help you customize your Toolbar. Add custom buttons to search your
favorite websites — choose from hundreds of buttons in our Button
Gallery or make your own. Create and label bookmarks that you can
access from any computer. Get instant search suggestions as you type in
the search box. Share web pages with friends via email, blog, or SMS.
Make your Toolbar as unique as you are.

Google Desktop (beta)
Google Desktop is a free application that now gives you easy access to
information across your computers and from the web. The latest version
allows you to undock Sidebar panels and place them anywhere your
desktop. You can also easily share items from your Sidebar with a
friend, including news, websites, games and more. Use the Search Across
Computers feature to find documents and web pages you’ve seen on any of
your computers. With Google Desktop, you get personalized information
when you want it, right on your desktop.

Google Mail Chat
Now Google Mail accounts are automatically enabled with chat features. The
people you already talk to often are just a click away in Quick
Contacts. You don’t have to use another program or switch between email
and IM — it’s all on the same Google Mail interface. And you don’t need to
build a new buddy list or do anything special either–it just works
when you’re signed in to Google Mail (you can also easily sign out of chat).
See when your friends are online and decide for yourself how you want
to get in touch. We’ve also made it easy for you to save your chats so
you don’t always have to remember whether something important was said
over email or IM. Now you can search for your chats, or print them, or
even reply to a chat using email.

Froogle Personalized Search
We recently integrated Froogle with Personalized Search so that you can
view and manage your history of Froogle searches and the products
you’ve looked at, just as you already can do with Web Search, Image
Search, and News. Just sign up for Personalized Search and make sure
you’re signed in to your Google Account when searching on Froogle.

Google Mail for your domain
Attention schools, organizations and businesses – now you can try a
special Google Mail beta test that brings Google Mail to every user on your domain.
Since it’s hosted by Google, there’s no hardware or software for you to
install or maintain. Each account has 2GB of storage and Google-quality
search tools to help users find information fast. The administrative
control panel lets you easily manage user accounts, aliases and mailing
lists. To request being of this beta test, visit the home page and
click „I’m Interested.“

Google Current
Current TV is a new cable and satellite channel available throughout
the U.S. Through a partnership, we provide access to Google Zeitgeist
information – up to the minute aggregated search query results –
for the Current staff to use in creating new TV stories. The resulting
program, „Google Current,“ airs every half hour on Current TV and
provides a look at what the world is searching for on Google. From
hybrid cars to human-animal hybrids, from Paris riots to Paris Hilton
photos, your searches guide Current stories.

The Google Blog offers frequent updates and insights from Googlers on
technology, our products, and the company at large.

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