Google Chrome Dev-Update KW18 – Texte auf Buttons erscheinen wieder


Google Chrome ist im Dev-Channel erschienen. Neben einer neue Webkit Version, einer Aktualisierung der JavaScript Engine V8 wurden wieder zahlreiche Bugs behoben.

Als einer der auffälligsten Fehler war, dass seit einigen Dev Updates auf einigen Seiten zum Beispiel im Google Calendar oder bei WordPress Texte nicht angezeigt wurden. Dies ist nun endgültig behoben worden.

Release Notes:
[r14377] Allow Flash (and other plugins) to be installed without restarting the browser. This works by monitoring the MozillaPlugins registry key and reloading the plugin list afterwards. (Issue: 10574)
[r13934] On some sites text disappears or is never drawn. For example, on Google Calendar, the titles for all day events do not display. (Issue: 9904)
[r13662] Added „Restore closed tab“ item to Tab menu.
[r13685] Fixes a bug where scrolling up would draw over the horizontal scrollbar on Mac.
[r13805] Fix issue: If SpellChecker is disabled through UI, then right-click context menu’s spell checker language option should be unchecked. (Issue: 7239)
[r13807] Allow users to hit ctrl-shift-delete („clear browsing data“) even in fullscreen mode. (Issue: 9318)
[r13822] Fix a painting problem observed with windowless flash plugins, when they are initially created with a zero clip. (Issue: 10536)
[r13926] On uninstall ask whether to delete profile. (Issue: 8431)
[r13954] Disable the move/size/maximize entries on the system menu in fullscreen mode. (Issue: 8024)
[r14116] Add open/close animations to infobar, download shelf.
[r14167] Make sure radio buttons can’t be toggled like checkboxes. (Issue: 10834)
[r14179] Disable RCtrl + RShift shortcut for changing directionality when no RTL language installed. (Issue: 9718)
[r14158] Fixes for selecting RTL text. (Issues: 6125, 8686)
[r13773] Fixes a problem where for some Indian locales, the automatic font fallback by Windows UI components leads to too tiny glyphs for UI strings. (Issue: 7319)
[r13644] Fix a crash where the ResourceMessageFilter is deleted before a SafeBrowsing check has completed. (Issue: 8544)
[r14137] Fix hang seen in plugin process. (Issue: 10711)
[r13679] Fix a crash when the browser opens a popup window in Linux.
[r13785] Fix crash in setup.exe. (Issue: 10507)
[r14115] Linux UI Crash (Issue: 10776)

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