Google Friends Newsletter Oktober 2007

Gerade eben hat Google seinen monatlichen Newsletter Google Friends versendet. Die Themen: Gmail mit IMAP, YouTube-Layer in Google Earth, Google Desktop 5.5 BETA, Docs für Mobile, Google Maps Profile und Google Experimental Search.

Google Friends Newsletter – October 2007

Autumnal greetings to all of our Google friends! We hope you enjoy
this month’s update on our products and services.


Gmail with IMAP

You now have the ability to use the IMAP protocol for Gmail (including
Google Apps) free of charge. Unlike the POP protocol, IMAP enables you
to keep your inbox synced across all devices, so that whatever you do
in your email — whether on your phone, desktop mail client, or web
browser — shows up everywhere you access your email. Reading,
sending, deleting and other actions you take on your messages are
reflected automatically and instantaneously any place you get Gmail.


YouTube layer now in Google Earth

We’re excited to announce the arrival of a YouTube video layer for
Google Earth. It’s not only a new way to explore and discover YouTube
videos; using Google Earth as a navigation tool, you can zoom in on
remote regions of the globe and watch videos tied to that specific
location (for example, surfers in Hawaii).

Google Desktop 5.5 beta

New features in Google Desktop 5.5 (beta) include the ability to run
Desktop gadgets in iGoogle, a better looking Quick Search Box, and
improved Microsoft Outlook search functionality. You can use Desktop
gadgets like the virtual flower pot, wireless signal meter, and media
player remote on iGoogle.

Docs for mobile

Now you can access your list of documents and spreadsheets, and view
all of these Google Docs, on your BlackBerry, iPhone or Windows Mobile
device; iPhone users can also view presentations.

Google Maps Profile Pages

When you come across a map someone created or a review someone wrote,
the new Profile Pages in Google Maps let you hover over the person’s
name to see a snippet of information about the author. Click on the
nickname to access his or her complete profile page, which aggregates
all the public maps and all the review he or she has created on Google
Maps. You can also customize your own profile picture and information
by clicking on the „My Profile“ link.

Google Experimental

We’re always experimenting with new Google search features, and we’ve
made it easier than ever for you to participate in our testing. Now
you can temporarily add these experimental features to your Google
searches: for example, see your search results on a timeline, navigate
using keyboard shortcuts, change how your result snippets appear each
time you do a search on Google, and a few other features.



„I get by with a little help from my friends,“ as the song goes. It’s
always been true in the real world; these days the help of friends
(some you know, many you don’t) makes online experiences all the more
powerful. Open source software, Wikipedia, movie, music, book, or
travel recommendations from others — all „get by“ with input and
participation from lots of people. One very real-world application of
this kind of collaboration we’re particularly excited about is the
ability to „mash up,“ or integrate different open software tools, to
create something new. Google Maps has really benefited from this
approach, because people are able to add local annotations and even up-
to-the-minute details. In October the value of this particular
„mashup“ became very apparent when many people put together details of
the various Southern California fires. To be able to see evacuation
routes, new danger zones, emergency housing sites, means a real
lifeline in time of need. We’re grateful that people are able to make
use of these tools when it really counts.

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